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Construction Guidelines/Requirements

Construction Guidance Document Oak Ford Golf Club Owners Association Guidance Document:

Construction Plan Requirements
All construction in the OFGCOA must be approved by the Homeowner' s Association prior to initiation. In an effort to optimize responsiveness to Homeowner and Builder needs, the Association has compiled this Guidance Document in alignment with the detailed Declaration of Covenants, which governs all construction in the Oakford Golf Club development. For clarity, intent of this Guidance is to facilitate communication and understanding, while providing the Association the requirements necessary for a timely review.

Plan Requirements:

1. SITE PLAN (2 Copies): Signed and sealed by engineer or surveyor. Site plan to include:


(i) Location of ALL man made structures to be built including:

• Any above or below ground structure, tank or swimming pool.

• Any ancillary equipment including pool equipment or HVAC units

• Wells may not be located forward of the front of the house

(ii) Elevation of ALL man made structures to be built (including pools)

• All elevations shown relative to the highest point of the road frontage center line

(iii) Drainage plan including swales and runoff controls

(iv) Driveway layout including materials, culvert locations and specifications

(v) Location of OFGC electric to lamp post/mail box

• To include installation of Auto-light sensor on/off feature


(i) If requested by the homeowner, this plan may be submitted after construction has started, but no later than 5 business days after a satisfactory electrical inspection.

(ii) For clarification, without a written request by the property owner on the Site Plan, this is due prior to construction.

2. HOUSE/STRUCTURAL PLANS (2 Copies): Signed & sealed by Architect or Engineer:

(A) FLOOR PLAN: Comprehensive floor plan.

(B) ELEVATION VIEWS: Denoting Front, Back, Left & Right views (or N, S, E and W)

• Elevations must reference SUB-FLOOR to high point of road frontage center line

• Elevation view should denote color & exterior material specifications for house & chimney.

(C) ROOFING PLAN: including pitch, color and material specifications.

(D) POOL PLAN: including lanai, decks and insect cage

(E) OPTIONAL: Plumbing Plan / Wall Section Views / House proper electric plan

Plan Review Checklist

The Association has compiled this Guidance Checklist in alignment with the detailed Declaration of Covenants which governs all construction in the Oakford Golf Club development. For clarity, this list is not intended to be all inclusive or replace the Declaration of Covenants, which remains the ultimate document of policy. However, the following guidance list represents commonly overlooked requirements. For clarity, the intent of this guidance list is to facilitate communication and understanding, while minimizing common errors that ultimately delay construction approvals.

Front Set back – minimum 50 ft. from the front Lot line

Side Set back - minimum 25 ft. to a side Lot line

Rear Setbacks - minimum 30 ft. to a rear Lot line

Corner lot setback- minimum 50 ft. for any portion of the house or either road

Set Location: Homes shall be centered on the Lot.

• No tree outside of 3 feet of the house pad, with a trunk greater than 8 inches in diameter at a height of 4 feet above neutral grade, shall be cut or otherwise destroyed without written consent of the board.

Minimum Size: 2200 ft2 of enclosed living area (excluding open or enclosed porches, terraces & garages).

Roof pitch: No flat roofs & a minimum 4:12 pitch. All HVAC/plumbing vents same color as roof.

Maximum Height: 40 feet total height for any house. No more than 3 stories for any house.

External Wiring: All external wiring shall be underground.

Driveway : Constructed of concrete (no paint, stain or pigment / min 22 ft wide at garage entrance)

• Other permanent materials will be considered (brick, stone, etc.) if specifications are submitted.

• No drive shall be located within 5 feet of the side line of any lot.

• No drive shall be located within 5 feet of such line extended to the pavement of the street.

Garage: (1) No front loading garages (2) Min. 2 car & Max. 3 car (3) No less than 22 X 24 feet

Elevation of slab or sub-floor: a Minimum of 18” and a Maximum of 30” above highest point of centerline of lot road frontage.

• Board will require signed and sealed drainage plan from professional civil engineer if elevations exceed 30”. As provided by the Declaration, Board may still reject elevation even with engineers’ plan if it votes that the elevation is too dramatically different from surrounding lots, creating a negative aesthetic impact.

Containment of Utility Equipment: • Well, water treatment, HVAC and pool equipment must be hidden from view by fencing or shrubbery for aesthetic and sound dampening benefit. If fencing or walls are used, the height shall not exceed approximately 6 inches above equipment.

Absolutely no fencing, hedges or walls are permitted without the written approval of the Board. No fence contiguous with the golf coarse are expressly prohibited by the deed restrictions.

Chimneys: Constructed of brick or stucco only.

Any attached or detached additions, changes or modifications must be submitted in plan format for written approval by the board (including pools and landscaping outside of the original plan). To print the Installation/Addition Request Form click the button above on the left.

Upcoming BOD Meeting Date:  01/16/2017,  02/20, 03/20, 04/17, 05/15, 06/19 07/17, 08/21, 09/18, 10/16, 11/20

The Board of Directors meet at 7pm the third Monday of every month. This year the meeting will be held at the Old Miakka United Methodist Church (UMC) Fellowship Hall, 1620 Myakka Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240.  
All owners are encouraged to attend.

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